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Last update: Sun, Oct 3, 2004

2003 Jazz Fest Wien (Vienna Jazz Festival)

RealPlayer video recordings of the Zawinul Syndicate's July 13 performance at the Vienna Jazz Festival.

2001 Stockholm Jazz Festival

RealPlayer audio/video recording of the Zawinul Syndicate's 75-minute performance at the 2001 Stockholm Jazz Festival. You can also check out Richard Bona's performance on the same page.

JazzFest Wein 2002

Three brief video clips from the Zawinul Syndicate's June 30 performance at JazzFest Wein.

Joe Zawinul "Special Project," Summer 2000.

A nice QuickTime clip from Anthony Zawinul, producer of "Two Years with the Zawinul Syndicate." Zawinul, Richard Bona, Manolo Badrena, Lelo Nika, and Maria Joao.

The Zawinul Syndicate, Live at Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany.

A 30 second video featuring Zawinul and Richard Bona on bass.

Weather Report, Live in Tokyo, 1983.

Zawinul, Wayne Shorter, Omar Hakim, Victor Bailey, Jose Rossy. (RealPlayer)

The Zawinul Syndicate, Live at the Barbican, London, Nov 16, 1999.

An entire one and a half hour concert performance in RealAudio format, courtesy Radio Never Say Die!

Zawinul Syndicate, Live at the Blue Note, New York City, June 3, 1999.

The entire performance(!) is available in three formats:

The audio quality isn't real good using RealPlayer 7. (And the video is, well, what it is.) If you know how to make it sound better, let me know!

The lineup: Zawinul, Karim Ziad, Victor Bailey, Manolo Badrena, Gary Poulson.

Zawinul Syndicate, Saint-Louis Jazz Festival (Senegal, Africa), May 9, 1997.

A one and a half minute video of the Zawinul Syndicate (Zawinul, Pacy Sery, Richard Bona, Manolo Badrena, Gary Poulson) performing at the Saint-Louis Jazz Festival, Senegel, Africa. The audio and video quality is relatively good. I only wish there was more! (RealPlayer or QuickTime)

"Bimoya" Excerpt, Joe Zawinul and Friends, Rockpalast, Köln, Stadtgarten, October 1998.

30-second audio clip of the Zawinul Syndicate performing "Bimoya." (.wav file or RealPlayer)

"Birdland" Excerpt, Weather Report, September 29, 1978.

The page includes the first 27 seconds or so of "Birdland" as a RealAudio file. There are also some nice photos on the page.