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Legendary musician Joe Zawinul passed away on September 11, 2007. He was 75 years old. He was an absolutely unique figure in the jazz world who led an incredible life. Though he left us in body, he remains with us in spirit. He touched the lives of countless individuals around the world, and his recording legacy of music will enrich us forever.

On the day of Joe's death, fans began posting personal tributes on this web site. I established this page as a permanent place in which to display those messages; a place to honor Joe's memory.

200 Messages

  1. Zawinulsounds Writes:

    freeguy MIDNIGHT SPECIAL in early ‘77, I believe, with Little Feat (Lowell George introduced them).

    Frank F Carmack

    Frank, I did’nt really listen to WR untill right about ’80, after which I’ve always remembered I heard that stuff somewhere before like on SNL or MS. I used to walk around in the late 70’s humming crazy tunes, just trying to change up the stuff I’d been hearing at the time… More than likely from hearing Z tunes from that show. Thank you so much for that tidbit of info! I’ll try to search for a copy of that show as I see them advertised occasionally, and try to figure out what I was thinking at the time.


  2. Reminiscence_hr Writes:

    We grief with smiles on our faces these days. We cry for he is no longer with us, but we smile for we know he always will be.

    Thank you Joe. For all the years passed, and all the years to come. Thank you for building hope through your music. Thank you for being.

    Yes, we cry. Yet, we smile in the same time.

  3. jonimatias Writes:

    master Zawinul was one of the most important musicians of jazzrock,rockjazz,fusion or whatever u want.

    Me,joao matias i can declare that Joe,along with Miles and Mcclaughlin and some others you know – they changed our way of listening music.

    If there is a paradise – you’ll be there playing for the angels.

    thanks joe for the pleasure you gave me

  4. lino Writes:

    I’m listning to I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU while I0m writing this… crying inside.
    I was presented to WEATHER REPORT in the mid 90’s with the album I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC.
    So much things happened inside of me… I couldn’t believe what I was listening!
    Then I discovered NIGHT PASSAGE, but the moment I played HEAVY WEATHER for the first time will be a sensation I will feel forever.
    When I hear you were leaving us, I couldn’t help beong very very sad.
    It was magic in the air.
    It’s incredible the way music touches people.

    This time, the dedication is for you…

  5. DavidG Writes:

    What a productive, marvelous life Mr. Zawinal lived. I have always been blessed by his musical genius…from Weather Report to the Zyndicate. He composed and worked hard up to his last days its seems, which is a great example to us all in regards to his uncompromising work ethic. Few musicians attain what he did in his life, which is a testament to his pioneering musical prowess. I don’t really know what he believed in but Jesus truly blessed him and his family and I hope that he is with him now. The world has truly lost a master artist who can never be replaced or duplicated …my prayers go out to his loved ones.

  6. Brian Writes:






  7. Daron Writes:

    hi first of all grace and mercy be to the zawinal family,
    I was a big fan a Josef,when he was with weather report.
    the music he and Wayne shorter made took the 70’s by storm.
    when I think back on how my friends and I would argue,about who,was the best band,
    return to forever,or weather report?without a doubt the forecast always won.
    in closing think you zawinal family for your support of Joe,we will miss him.
    grace&love to you all.
    a fan name Daron.

  8. Stefano Writes:

    Few months ago I was having a discussion with a person I love about the persuit of happiness in life and the possibility of being truly satisfied of our existence and to make my point I put on “Birdland” and said that was one of the reasons I still haven’t completely lost my faith in humanity.
    I deeply believe that.
    Thanks Joe

  9. HSoegaard Writes:

    20 Years have gone… I had the joy of working for Joe and his son Ivan…with the Syndicate. It was thier first European tour in 1987. I worked for other artist before and after that…but no one will ever get on the same level as Joe Zawinul got…. It was such a warm and friendly atmosphere and as I got sick and had to undergo a surgery in Austria during the tour…Joe and the rest of the band made sure that I was’nt forgotten in hospital…and after fast recovery I returned on the tour…and was wellcommed like a son that gets home to his family. Fantastic people…I will tell my kids about the Joe and Ivan Zawinul and the rest of the Syndicate. RIP Joe….Machts gut im himmel !!

    Henrik Søgaard

  10. Tom Writes:

    So saddened by the loss of Joe. I was hoping to see him one more time but now that will never happen.

    Two memories – Monterey Jazz Festival in 1998 – I’ll never forget their Friday night show – I sat there in awe. Second memory – before an Earth, Wind & Fire concert in the seventies at Oakland Arena and “Birdland” played on the PA – it sounded fantastic!

    Thank you Joe

  11. macondo Writes:

    I saw him last time in Yoshis in Oakland 2006..I sneak in when practice
    I shake hands and chat a little..he was The Mozart of the 20 century
    when I was 6 a hear him..when i was 8 I feel his music..when I was 12 I understand him..after understanding …musician are frustated painters..
    and painters are frustated musician ..I’m painting all your music ..
    weather report will be forever….
    fernando duarte

  12. ricardofiuza Writes:

    Hi Curt,
    Reading your memories about Zawinul just made me miss him more. I saw his show many times and I never talked to him ’cause I was too shy when I got the chance and I didnt want to bother him with the regular ”you are the best” and stuff. Anyway, the part you told about the time you saw him talking to his wife on the phone and the way he demonstrated his love for her shows what kind of human being he was. Thank you very much for that.

  13. macp76 Writes:

    I have discovered Zawinul about 2 years ago, and since then i´ve tried to listen everything that Joe and all those great musicians he played with made. His work teached me to listen to music in another prespective. Every time i listen to themes as patriots, black market or carnavalito, i discover diferent sounds and experience different emotions. Only a real genius like Joe can create such a singular sound but simultaneously filled with many different influences. His music is a great inspiration for me. He deserves to me remembered as one of the greatest musicians of all times.
    May he R.I.P.

    Miguel Pinheiro
    Lagos, Algarve

  14. jacosteve Writes:

    I just noticed this great musician after his death. His music has opened the door to a jazz world I like. I feel a bit sorry about never seeing him live, but that’s not so bad, because he makes me believe in music and just start to play again by myself. I’m not that good, but it makes me happier. And so I only want to say one thing and although I don’t believe in such things like paradise, I hope he can somehow recognize that there are people loving his music. Thank you for the music master Joe.

  15. Alex L Writes:

    Thank you Joe for the inspiration and unforgettable beauty of your music. The way he played was like a discovery to me of something unusual, free and deep. The groove and unexplainable breath of his (indeed painted) tunes influenced my life and my own composing. “Domino theory”, “Ice-Pick Willy”, “Volcano for hire”, “Man with the copper fingers”, “Rooftops of Vienna”, “East 12th Street Band” are my favourites. On my opinion he is the best keyboard player in the whole history of music. Each time I hear the albums I have a feeling like music’s breathing!

  16. Alphaboy Writes:

    Ciao JOE la tua musica non ci lascera’ mai e tu sarai sempre nei nostri cuori. Enrico.

  17. louiebfree Writes:

    Too Quiet a Year w/o Joe
    by Louie b. Free

    Joe’s music always evokes deep feelings in me.

    His music..his persona at live concerts..his soul touched mine.

    As I write this ( now listening to “A Remark You Made”), I wonder how I’d be different today w/o Joe Zawinal’s touch. Certainly I don’t mean physically. Every time that I hear this song-EVERY TIME I hear it-I FEEL it, and not just memories.

    Music has a sometimes wonderful, sometimes painful way of taking us elsewhere-often to the past-to the times we first got “into” a song. Joe’s music often does just that, but also, has the ability to take you somewhere else, even after you heard the song many, many times…

    To those of us Zawinal fans, when “World Music” became vogue, we all wondered where the ‘in vogue-ittes’ had been. Joe had been doing world music for years and years, prior.

    From the Cannonball Years (hey, was Joe in the Valley at Stambaugh Auditorium?) to the Zawninal Syndicate years. (Lest locals forget the State Theatre Weather Report concert)

    Joe Zawinul was hospitalized in his native Vienna on August 7, 2007[3], only five weeks after concluding a European tour. He died from a rare form of skin cancer (Merkel Cell Carcinoma) on September 11, 2007

    Yes, 2008 had been a sadly quiet year w/o Joe, but to and for our GREAT fortune, Joe’s left so much of himself…Joe left us a tool kit-a tool kit that provides us keys to unlock the doors of enjoyment,entertainment, introspection, happiness, sadness and wonder !

    Now listening to “Blackthorn Rose” from Weather Report’s Mysterious Traveller, as I look out the window to a beautiful blanket of snow… my memory accesses images from my past and sensations of warmth and wonder .

    I remember Joe and am truly appreciative for his gifts to us…plus, I’ll miss the hats….

    I would always query what would Joe’s next musical incarnation be….I hope to find out.

  18. xavi Writes:

    First time I have the oportunity to listen Joe & Weather Report was in 1978, in Barcelona, a show with Jeff Beck & Stanley Clarke tour. I saw them a few years later, with the Night Passage tour, and finally with the new band members, Victor Bailey, Omar Hakim. etc. Thanks Joe for your incredible music. It will be forever in my mind.


  19. JohnMalone Writes:

    I sometimes think I must be from another planet not to have heard of Joe’s passing, but I suppose living in remote Australia and not mingling with jazz lovers, it could happen.

    I first heard Joe in 1974, I would have been 11 and have spent the last 34 years loving everything I heard. Joe’s music has carried my heart and nurtured my soul all my growing life. I had the privilege of seeing the Syndicate live in Sydney in October 2000, and I named my son “Jazz,” born November 2000, in his honour, and he was at the concert in utero with my wife.

    I wept this morning when I read the news. I really cried. I guess all the emotion and joy I have received through his music was realised. Having Joe Jaco and Wayne together was one of those rare miracles of music.

    listen and you will feel emotions conveyed through music that no one has achieved before

    who loves you

    John Malone
    May 7th 2009

  20. George Writes:

    Just sitting here late on a Wednesday night and Sirius radio is broadcasting Joe’s last concert from NYC that took place in Lincoln Center. Its a show that my brother and I went to see (had front row seats) and I’ve got goosebumps listening to it. We obviously didnt know it was going to be his last, but the venue certainly brought out the best in himself and the Syndicate. Over the years, I’ve got to say that we’ve seen him perform no less than 50 times. Tons of Weather Report shows at the Beacon, the Palladium and out at the Pier, Weather Update shows in the Village, solo at Carnegie Hall with Steve Morse as an opening act and dozens of Syndicate shows at the Blue Note, out at the IMAC on Long Island, at Catalina’s in Los Angeles and this last one at Lincoln Center. The guy was just simply so eclectic and electric, simple and complex and truly one of a kind.

    Man…I really miss those events and I’ve got to say that nothing has really replaced this musical hole in my heart since his passing. I sincerly appreciate you keeping this page going for all this time. Its nice to log in every now and again to see what’s going on.

    Thanks for your effort,

  21. Renaissance Prince Writes:

    Thanks ever so much pal for putting up the “unofficial” fan page as a tribute to the late GREAT legend Joe Zawinul. It looks pretty official to ME! Especially considering how many cool and in-the-know folks have bothered to take some of their valuable time and take a moment to post some incredibly moving comments on your wonderful tribute page here. I think you deserve some credit from all of us for giving us a place to vent (as it were) our sadness and frustrations about losing someone so important to the music world, the Jazz world, the “Fusion” world, the “World Music” world…..etc. (Please excuse the word pun). But this is a good example of how many boundaries and areas this man and his myriad incredible hand-picked bandmates have crossed over the years! The words trail-blazer, genius, innovator, pioneer, hero, mentor, father-figure, inspiration, brilliant composer, arranger, writer, teacher, spiritual guide, role-model, (and on and on the list could go!) all come to mind and yet still seem somewhat inadequate to describe this one-of-a-kind musician and human being(?). The question mark remains…..since some have even suggested that perhaps he was not originally of this planet to begin with! LOL! That’s just a clever way of saying how good (GREAT!) he was as a musician and composer! And its a way for the inner-circle of musicians and purists who can actually comprehend and follow the significance of this man’s music! And significant it surely was, and still is, and most likely always will be. As long as there are people in the future who have taste and critical skills of evaluating what good music actually is. Relative….yes….but some things are so incredible that they literally SCREAM the word ‘GENIUS’ the minute anyone sees or hears that piece of work. And that’s what Joe’s music did for me and for most folks who had a critical ear and who where exposed to it.

    So first of all, let me say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading ALL of the posts on this tribute page and that I want to thank ALL of those who took the time to post their thoughts here for everyone to see. That takes a certain amount of courage in and of itself! So lets not ignore that or them! THANKS guys/girls! Next I would like to add a short story of my own which someone above (“Anthony” on September 24th, 2007) wrote and which I would like to both confirm and add to! This was regarding his comment about the concert Joe did with his band The Zawinul Syndicate in Tallahasse Florida, at a famous but smaller venue called the Blue Moon Theatre.

    I say small because compared to some of the places Joe played in it was perhaps a 4 (out of 10) size-wise and yet it had a special and unique air about it that gave you the impression that this old place has had many other fine musicians and entertainers in it over the years. It was quite old and I was told a famous landmark and destination for anyone visiting North Florida to see a show in. It wasn’t especially grand or anything. Very basic, but yet it had a character that most modern venues seem to lack! Hard to describe in words, but as a former professional touring musician myself, I can tell you that all pro musicians know what I’m talking about! Smaller rooms, especially the older ones, tend to be the jobs we most enjoy doing, since its a much more personal connection with the audience. And the acoustics can (usually) be much eaisier to control for both the musicians and the board person, if there is not as much delay in sound travel (ie bounceback etc.) and if the room is jammed full of people (which help absord sound) which it definitely WAS the night Joe played there!

    So let me set the stage. At the time I was about 19 years old and well into my professional career as a musician (BIG lover of Jazz and Funk and especially “Fusion”). I won’t bother listing the bands I most listened to at the time, because most have already been mentioned above……but the Rippingtons, Yellowjackets, Spyro Gyra, David Sanborn, Dixie Dregs, Stanley Jordan, Joe Sample, Earl Klugh, Chick Corea Electric Band, et al are among the top of my list…..not to mention those already mentioned like RTF and Weather Report, Mahavishnu et al! I am a percussionist, so my ears are keen on phrasing and ryhthmic patterns whether they be from a drummer, a conga player, a bass player (like Jaco, Stanley, or Gerald Veasley), or a GREAT keyboard player/composer like Maestro Zawinul! And let me say for the record folks…..Joe ALWAYS chose the absolute BEST players to tour and record with! And that was also part of the reason he was so successful! Let’s not understate or underestimate that FACT! Because even with Joe’s immense talents as both a player, performer, and writer, all the genius in the world can be rendered quite useless IF you don’t have the right people articulating what you are trying to convey to the public! And choose the right folks Joe certainly DID!

    Now at this particular concert, in this particular incarnation of the Zawinul Syndicate, the line-up was as follows: Joe on keys (of course!), Scott Henderson on guitar, Gerald Veasley on bass, and Cornell Rochester on traps (i.e., drums!). I’m 42 now but was only 19 when I heard them for the first time live! So here I am this young aspiring musician well on my way to a pro career in music, and I had just got off my first world tour with the Air Force’s elite Show-Band and Entertainment Troupe called Tops in Blue! I had just returned to my base in Fort Walton Beach, Florida (Eglin AFB) and I read about this gig that the Syndicate is doing down in Tallahesse, which is roughly 60 miles east of Ft. Walton Beach. So I look at the date and time and realize that if I hurry back I can make this performance since I was at that time working the graveyard shift on my regular Air Force “day” job (the touring stuff was TDY and not my actual job – MOS – in the service).

    Now I had no idea what to expect or who would be playing with Joe at this gig, but I KNEW that whoever it was they would all be fantastic musicians, so I was not in the least bit worried about that. It was just this nagging curiosity on the drive down as to who would be backing Joe up. So I get there early, and I find a good seat (general seating in folding chairs if I recall correctly) and I’m thinking to myself, who is going to be playing with joe tonight? So I see what looks like one of the musicians floating around the audience greeting people and saying hello to fans he knew. So I asked someone who that was, and they said it was Scott Henderson. Now I had known about Scott and how good he was, but had never see his face anywhere up close. He was still at the time one of those up and coming greats who was still paying his dues backing up the old-heads and and doing studio work, etc., and never gettting the credit he deserves because he’s not quite “mainstream” enough, etc. I know all fusion and jazz musicians can relate.

    So I approach him and greet him and shake his hand, and I tell him who I am and what I am doing as a musican, etc., and that I was so excited to hear the great Joe Zawinul of Weather Report LIVE and up close in such a small venue. And I proceeded to ask him about who the rest of the band was. He said Gerald is on bass and Cornell on drums! I replied “I know Gerald Veasely, he’s from my hometown back in Philly!” Scott laughed and said “Yeah, that’s right and so is Cornell!” Now Cornell I did not know about, which is ironic because I am a drummer and had been studying and playing in Philly since a very young age. And going to Performing Arts High School put me in touch with young musicians from all over the city and we all talked about who the big-guns were out in the real-world doing it. So somehow Cornell just wasn’t on my radar screen….but keep in mind I was only 19 and went directly into the military right out of high school (with my sites set on becoming a musician in the military once I got in!).

    So the concert starts with a bang and I just sat there in awe as these guys just ripped through one song after another, each taking mind-numbing solos and doing runs and progressions that would make the most seasoned pro blush with envy! I was just paralyzed with amazement and perplexed with curiosity at how these young guys were so good and yet so unknown to the mainstream culture! Keep in mind this was in ’87……Gerald, Scott, and Cornell are HIGHLY regarded and ‘mainstream’ accomplished NOW, in large part thanks to the influence and experience of playing with greats like Joe! But also because they were just destined to be great anyway and this was an early step in that direction (and a BIG one at that!). And believe me, Joe was a major taskmaster on stage as well as off! He would make comments right onstage live if he wanted more out of you! He yelled over to Scott during his solo that night “Make it sing!”. He also yelled out to Pops Adderley “This one’s for you Pops” as Anthony mentioned above! Very intense guy Joe was! Excelent bandleader too!

    The other interesting point was that about seeing Cannonball Adderley’s fathe,r Julian “Pops” Adderley, Sr. (an accomplished musician in his own right) at that concert. He was there sitting in the front row, and half way into the show Joe stands up and introduces him to the crowd and said it was his 90-something-th birthday! Wow….people were just amazed that he was even still around. So they all gave him a rousing standing ovation! Joe then dedicated the next song to him, which was “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy,” a song which Joe wrote for his son “Cannonball” back in 1967! WOW! Talk about a historic moment. The song brought tears to the eyes of the elderly Julian Adderley, Sr., whose son was taken from us at the premature age of 46 by a stroke while performing on stage. (…and in later years…..AWESOME pics!)

    Cannonball was another gifted genius. May he rest in peace!
    Cannonball was a short portly man, hence the name “Cannonball” (given to him while he was in school for his voracious appetite). The song was a very moving tribute and was played with EXTRA emotion and intensity by Joe since Pops was there front and center to witness the momentous occasion! Joe played in Canonball’s band back in the day! If one Adderley was taken early, we could at least celebrate his memory and also the fact that his father was still around at the ripe age of 90-something and in good health to boot! What a treat that was! I had no idea that the Adderley family was origianlly from Florida and that area in particular! So I learned something that night! I also had no idea that Joe was a good friend and bandmate of Cannonball’s! Check this out (YOUNG lions!) if you want to REALLY be BLOWN AWAY!

    After the concert was over, I waited up front for the band members to come out and greet the fans. Joe was backstage freshening up and probably chatting privately with VIPs, etc. But Gerald Veasley and Cornell came out right away and I introduced myself to them and hung out with them for a while since the three of us were Philly boys and had a lot of mutual musician friends. They invited me backstage to meet Joe and hang out later on, but I had to get going if I was going to make it back to work on time! It’s a serious thing if you are late from work in the military…they call it ‘AWOL’ there! LOL! So unfortunately I never got to meet Joe face to face and thank him for all his music. So those of you who posted above who did were VERY VERY fortunate indeed methinks. I wish I had a video of that show! If anyone knows if such a thing exists….I’d love to get my hands on a copy! Hopefully somebody recorded that! I do recall seeing video camera(s) set up there. Maybe the band made a copy. I guess I can ask Gerald Veasley about that in an e-mail! If anyone out there knows anything else about that show or tour, I’d love to know.

    So now you know! And so anyone who was fortunate enough to have attended that small gathering (roughly 200-250 people) in that intimate of a setting, knows how special that evening was and how it touched their hearts and lives! Just to be in a room with all those heavies from the early days of jazz and to have that song played to the elderly Senior Adderley right before my eyes, and to watch his reaction to that, and the tears welling etc. was a once in a lifetime even for which I am eternally greatful to God for. Man I tell you folks it just doesn’t get any better than THAT! Trust me! I’ve met many heavies and rapped with them etc. and hung out…..but that just TOOK THE CAKE! A TRUE ‘once-in-a-Blue Moon’ event (pun intended) at the Blue Moon Theatre in Tallahasse FL. ca 1987! A night that will live in my mind and heart until the day I die…and I am Sooooo happy to be able to share it with all of you, Joe’s adoring fans and friends from all over the world!!!!

    Thanks again to Curt Bianchi for allowing me – and us all – the forum in which to place our flowers! I don’t know you guy, but any friend of Joe’s is also a friend of mine! Can I get an AMEN on that one????


    Gerard E. Semola
    Musician/Muralist/Amateur Historian
    Berklee Alumni ’92
    Philadelphia PA

  22. nick Writes:

    Two years gone Joe, since you left us. The memories of the concerts and the music live on, of course. Love and best wishes to the Zawinul family and all the musicians in Weather Report and the Syndicate (especially Wayne).

  23. Eholck Writes:

    I just learned … two years late …. how come we humans never learn to fully appreciate ” the moment” – as something divine and precious! Joe Zawinul gave me many beautiful and smiling musical hours… and of course I thought of him as immortal … and he is of course in a way!

    Thank You Joe !!! You really made a difference in this this world!

    Erik Holck

  24. agapefriend Writes:

    Grew up in UK – live in Western Canada… have greatly enjoyed Joe Z.’s unique style… LOVE YouTube’s vids of him with and Trilok Gurtu… wish there was a little more personal info about him (family, interests…etc) – a sad loss to music… one ORIGINAL CAT.

  25. dion prisby Writes:

    i listen to mr zawinul play every day. his rendition of ‘my one and only love’ is worth playing every day, just to hear how solo piano is played by a master. he will never be forgotten, he will live on thru his music always.

  26. denyadog Writes:

    it just seems impossible that you are gone. i forget that the phone is not going to ring again. no more stories, no more adventures. how can such a good and true friend be gone for good? even now, i can’t believe this has come to pass.

  27. Wernersen Writes:

    Now, after 6 years have gone by, I would say that there was nothing similar in the area of ​​jazz and jazz-rock. Joe Zawinul always had the best musicians and his style was always up to date. The compositions were excellent, and live concerts were extremely well. This musician will go down in history. Too bad he had to leave the world far too soon. We always will miss him.

  28. Valterio Ferrari Writes:

    Grazie Joe, grazie per quel bellissimo concerto di Reggio Emilia del 1980, grazie per avermi accompagnato da allora con la tua musica, grazie per questo regalo infinito.


  29. Roberto Writes:

    Joe, sono da sempre un tuo grande appassionato, grazie per le innumerevoli emozioni che hai saputo trasmettermi, la tua straordinaria musica mi ha sempre accompagnato e rimane una delle gioie piu’ grandi per me.

  30. klegas Writes:

    About six years went by since our world has become a little bit smaler then.Joe was a real ,Multi-Kulti’.He lived it,not to see his pictures in the newspapers-he lived it because it’s the only way to get forward as human beeings.
    Just heard the duett with Wayne Shorter on the ’75th.birthday album.What shall I say-
    Joe,you are unforgetable,that’s what you are!

  31. drumdik Writes:

    There is no musician who has touched me so much as Joe, his fantastic skills, his tasteful choice of sounds and above all his great respect for ethnic music combined with jazz made him the most influential musician in my life! I owe him a lot, thank you so much Joe, you’re every day on my sound system, as live as possible!

  32. guilleariel Writes:

    Dejó un vacío que nadie podrá llenar nunca… Desde que conocí su música no dejaba de esperar su próximo disco… Inigualable…

  33. Rick Milne Writes:

    To really learn something you have to have a real understanding of it. It all starts in your head and heart first and only then it can be executed…if you’re lucky! I always enjoyed Joe’s sense of melody and the way he used notes like a color pallet. His understanding was at such a high level. But the take away for me wasn’t just the years of listening to the newest music that came out of this Genius and the musicians he surrounded himself with, but with his understanding of RHYTHM. I owe my sense of rhythm to this man. My ears and eyes were so open when at a young age I discovered Joe’s music. His rhythm and groove always went far beyond fusion to me. Thank you for showing me the way, Joe. Thank you. Thank you! Rick Milne (drummer of Pear)

  34. Rick Milne Writes:

    His music taught me how to really listen to rhythms and musical lines intertwining in this thing called music. If even a micro fiber of him rubbed off on me.. then I’m truely blessed. I will never forget playing Black Market over and over when I was a kid. I feel this music was my foundation from that point on. I attended an Afro pop concert in La back in the late 80’s..It was new and very hot music at the time. Who was in line right next to me , by himself checking out these new sounds and beats, Joe. He told me that he was excited that he might catch something musical to take home with him . So eager to eager to eager to create! Mercy Mercy Mercy!

  35. phipps Writes:

    joe, your passing is not in vain, your music was all that mattered and It lives on without you. not a day passes without me playing your music, it might only be in a short car journey or while I relax in a bath… your always hear in my heart and soul and will be until I leave this place too.

  36. Oliver Franke Writes:

    Dear Joe! You were and are an extraordinary great inspiration to me. You are like the godfather of music to me and you are the one which is my leading figure about the spirit of music. Love you ! Rest in peace my friend!

  37. Matias Gaburri Writes:

    When i discover your wonderful music, you were already on “the other side”. Anyway, your music changed my life completely, it made me. see and even feel, some things in a completely different way.

    Thank you, thank you so much.

  38. Daniel Bertolone Writes:

    The greatest Innovator be it jazz, funk, world music, fusion, whatever the genre Joe was the first……during the years of Weather Report, he put out some of the best and most innovating music on the planet….and it all swang with a lot of grooves from all over the world…..I salute you Master of Masters……

  39. Nathan Burks Writes:

    I have loved joe since the first time i listened, in 1970 as a college freshman at USC. He has been a true inspiration and will forever be my favorite piano/keyboard player. He continues to give me and the rest of listening planet precious , very valuable gifts.

  40. Gary Courtland-Miles Writes:

    i Love him Forever……

    Joe always was..and still IZ…… Innovative Creative Force!

    Thank You man!


    ~ Gary Courtland-MIles/ Pianist Composer

  41. Jon Sinigaglia Writes:

    Well today is, by utter coincidence – the anniversary of Joe’s death, so I had to tell the story of what happened that day to me.

    My wife was pregnant with our first child and we had been talking at great length for some months about what the boy would be called. I tried sneaking-in “Joe” in a number of ways, a number of languages and permutations (Guiseppe, Joe, Pepe, Yosef) to name a few, but she wasn’t having it. She just didn’t like the name. Period.

    The day before Joe’s death was her birthday, and I treated her with a surprise visit to her favourite place in the world – Morocco. We had a fantastic time and she was beaming with joy.

    September the 12th I had to check my email for work so we went to the local internet cafe in Marrakech and I logged in to my email account.

    I sat there stunned, with tears running down my face as I saw the headlines in a number of messages telling of Joe’s passing. I felt as though an integral part of my life had been ripped away.

    Wifey saw me across the room and was very worried as to what had happened to me. She came over, looked over my shoulder at the email messages, and without blinking an eye she said to me “we’ll call him Joe”….

    I’m pretty sure that Curt knows this story, but on this very day I had to let the wider world know.

    Be good, y’all, and keep the spirit alive


  42. Ciro Greco Writes:

    Ancora mi commuovo nel sentire la sua musica.Dire “Divino” è poco, troppe volte la sua musica ha svegliato in me il senso dell’eterno.
    Le sue note sono archetipi, con i quali ha saputo rappresentare universalmente. il dolore e la gioia di vivere,
    Lo immagino lassù a giocare con le nuvole.

  43. Ciro Greco Writes:

    Still moved me to hear her musica.Say “Divine” is short, too many times his music has awakened in me a sense of Eternity.Le his notes are archetypes, with which it has been able to represent universally. the pain and the joy of living, I imagine him up there playing with the clouds.

  44. Enrico Writes:

    i miss Joe terribly … this nice clever and brave man, a world citizen, brought so many new colors to Music like a very few great Musicians did. He was light years ahead, he used sounds that no one could have had the courage to use to create beautiful unique Music… Thanks a bunch Mr. Joseph Zawinul.

  45. drummerman Writes:

    Tears in my eyes as I type this all these years later.
    What a man.
    What a charisma.
    What a musician.

  46. Wim van Trigt Writes:

    And then, at a certain moment in April 2017, ithey all came fully to my mind again: those wonderful nights at Paradiso in Amsterdam, when he creatied his own, intimate atmosphere with marvellous groups of young, promising musicians and I thought to myself: what an icon of music this man was! I started listening to all his music again from beginning to end and from end to beginning. It turned out to be his history, the Syndicate part of which was my revival. Let’ remember him deeply on next 11 September!

  47. Helge Krabye Writes:

    Thank you so much for all the great music, you wisdom, your creativity – everything you shared that will remain with us and inspire us as long as we live!

  48. Enrico Gianstefani Writes:

    As soon as I knew you were in Italy and had a chance to come to your concerts I did. I’ve been listening to you with the Weather Report at Mestre and Ravenna, with Syndacate at Imola etc. You’ve been very influential in spreading a new way of playing synths and the story is on your part. As a small keyboard player I thank you and I send you a hug wherever you are.

  49. yajnesh Writes:

    Wonderful and amazing musician and composer. I will never forget his music, thru Weather Report or thru the Syndicate…I’ve been listening for over 30 years and I have not found something like this music anywhere else…

  50. Raj Writes:

    Has ten years really passed? I’ll never forget the first time I heard him, on the radio, KPRS, in Kansas City. “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”! From that moment til’ now, I remain forever changed. So grateful to God, that I got to see him, Wayne, Omar and Victor turn out the Uptown Theater. He’s influenced every sound I’ve heard inside of me, for the past fifty years. God bless you always, Cousin Joe!