Monthly Archives: November 2007

Etienne Mbappe and Roger Biwandu Video Documentaries

Behind The Notes has recently launched a video web site featuring musicians with live performances discussing how they approach the creative process of making music. Two musicians that that are featured are electric bassist Etienne Mbappe and drummer Roger Biwandu, both of whom toured with the Zawinul Syndicate. You can get a preview of these documentaries on YouTube by going here for Biwandu, and here for MBappe.

London Jazz Festival Zawinul Tribute

The BBC Big Band capped the 10-day London Jazz Festival with a tribute concert to Joe Zawinul, performing the music of Brown Street. Joe had been scheduled to perform with the big band that night, but after his death the concert was recast as a tribute to him. Manning the keyboards was Django Bates, who earned rave reviews in the UK press. This Is Aberdeen said Bates “played magnificently,” adding it was “Bates who [made] the evening special. His unaccompanied prelude to ‘In a Silent Way’ was a thing of wonder.” Victor Bailey propelled the rhythm section along with local musicians Martin France on drums and John Parricelli on guitar.

The concert will be broadcast on BBC’s Radio 3 on December 8, presented by Julian Joseph, with comments from Zawinul biographer Brian Glasser. Check the Radio 3 web site for details.