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Announcing the Zawinul Online In A Silent Way Giveaway!

Sanctuary Publishing has released In A Silent Way, the much anticipated biography of musical visionary and Weather Report co-founder Joe Zawinul. At 335 pages, author Glasser gives us the most revealing look at Zawinul’s career in print. Through the courtesy of the publisher, we have one copy of the book to give away to the winner of our In A Silent Way contest.

To enter the contest, simply submit your favorite Zawinul story to Zawinul Online. It can be about meeting Zawinul, a humorous anecdote about the maestro, a favorite concert, a favorite quote—anything at all having to do with Zawinul. It doesn’t have to be long or fancy. We’ll pick our favorite entry and send the author a free copy of In A Silent Way. In addition, we’ll post the collected stories on the Zawinul Online web site. We plan to send the book out on Monday, February 5, so if you want a crack at it, get your story in before then.

Zawinul Biography Set For February Release

I am holding in my hands a copy of Brian Glasser’s Zawinul biography, In A Silent Way. It should be released for retail sale next month. According to the book’s introduction, the idea for In A Silent Way came about sponteneously during one of many interviews Glasser conducted with Zawinul. Originally conceived of as a ghosted autobiography, production plans were put into place only to have Zawinul’s schedule become so hectic that Glasser pushed forward on his own.

I haven’t had a chance to do much more than skim bits and pieces, but it is evident that Glasser did his homework. The bibliography includes several personal interviews with Zawinul, as well as virtually everyone he has worked with that is still alive—more than 70 individuals in all.

More after I’ve had a chance to read it from beginning to end.