Joe Zawinul–A Short Biography

January 3, 2014

A concise biography of Josef Zawinul.

Joe Zawinul’s New Orleans Connection

March 30, 2013

An exploration of Joe’s connection to Willie Tee and the New Orleans musicians who performed on the 1970 album Zawinul.

An Interview With Kristjan Järvi

November 15, 2009

An interview with Kristjan Järvi, leader of the Absolute Ensemble, about the making of the album Absolute Zawinul.

My Time With Joe

September 11, 2008

Remembering my interviews with Joe Zawinul.

20 Years of the Zawinul Syndicate

June 10, 2007

Joe looks back on two decades of the Zawinul Syndicate.

March 2004 Interview with Joe Zawinul

March 29, 2004

Joe talks about the band, bootleg recordings, and his new Vienna club, Joe Zawinul’s Birdland.

Weather Update—Zawinul in Transition

December 25, 2001

A brief look at Weather Update, Zawinul’s first post–Weather Report band.

Ken Burns’ Jazz—The Fusion Transcripts

February 14, 2001

Any mention of fusion—let alone jazz after 1960—was sorely lacking in the PBS jazz documentary by Ken Burns. Ah, but the talking heads did have a thing or two
to say about the subject. Find our here in the interview excerpts that didn’t make it onto your TV screen.

Speaking of Joe Zawinul

February 8, 2001

Personal anecdotes about Joe Zawinul, submitted by readers on the occasion of the publication of Brian Glasser’s book In a Silent Way.

In A Silent Way Book Review

February 10, 2001

A review of Brian Glasser’s book, In a Silent Way, the first first English language book about Joe Zawinul.

2 thoughts on “Articles

  1. Dave

    I thought I was a big fan! Would you know where to find production notes for the LP My People especially the track>To A mighty theme< Where he (Joe) uses what sounds to me like the vocals are played/sung in reverse/backward (whew!)? Even a clue woul do.Thanks for the Website…….Dave.

  2. Curt Bianchi Post author

    Dave, the My People liner notes credit “vocal sample arrangement” to Ivan Zawinul, Joe’s youngest son. Joe always credited Ivan for coming up with that. Other than that, there are no details (but yes, I think it involves reversing the recording of the vocalists who appear elsewhere on the album).

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