Monthly Archives: March 2001

In A Silent Way Softcover?

Some visitors to my website have noted that Amazon describes In A Silent Way as softcover, and have wondered how they can obtain the hardback version. I asked a contact at Sanctuary Publishing, and I was told: “Joe Zawinul is only available in hardcover. I will check the details on Amazon, but please tell people that there is no softcover available at present.”

Weather Update Article and Photos Posted

Denmark photographer and Zawinul fan Finn Manford sent me some photographs of a 1986 Weather Update concert he attended. Those photos inspired me to dig into my archives and write a brief article about Weather Update, the short-lived band Zawinul formed between Weather Report and the Zawinul Syndicate. Click the link below to view the photos and read the article:

Weather Update—Zawinul in Transition

More Zawinul Tour News

Details continue to leak out regarding Joe Zawinul’s concert plans. As of now Zawinul will have two European tours, one this spring and summer, and another one in the fall. At this time there are no plans for North America.

In terms of specific concerts, in addition to the March 31 Cape Town and April 24 MDR concerts previously reported, we know that Zawinul is scheduled to perform with Maria João in Portugal on June 29, at the Coliseu do Porto. (The concert is billed as “Maria João and the Joe Zawinul Quartet”.) And Peter Basler, one of Zawinul’s European booking agents, reported on the Zawinul Fans Mailing List that Zawinul will perform in Cork, Ireland on October 27.

As metioned in a previous item, Etienne M’Bappe will take over the electric bass duties. What of Victor Bailey? Victor is touring Europe this summer with his own group. A friend at az-iz tells me that “Victor is still with the Syndicate. He will juggle between His own band and the Syndicate. As of now the plan is this summer he will be with his band and then in the fall with the Syndicate.” However, Peter Basler indicates that Bailey is not part of the fall plans. So I guess we’ll just have to see…