Review of the Zawinul Syndicate’s Los Angeles Concert

The Los Angeles Times ran a brief review by Don Heckman of the Syndicate’s May 5 performance at UCLA. Heckman previously reviewed the World Tour CD for the Times, calling it “stunning,” with brilliantly innovative performances that demand repeated hearing. Unfortunately, he didn’t like the concert as much, complaining that there was “a sameness to much of the music.” He concluded his review with, “Despite occasional high points, it was not one of the Zawinul Syndicate’s most impressive presentations. In past performances, Zawinul has offered more contrasting material, enriching his synthesizer sounds with loops of world music and radio sounds. This time out, repetition too often took precedence over inspiration.”

Heckman also indicated that the concert was sparsely attended, perhaps because that same evening the Los Angeles Lakers were playing the fifth and deciding game of the series with the Sacramento Kings.

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