Weather Report Live & Unreleased

According to various posts on the Internet, there are some prerelease copies in of the new Sony Weather Report two-CD set in circulation, including one such package for auction on Ebay. The new set, Weather Report Live & Unreleased, is said to be slated for a fall release. Tracks span the years 1975-1983, and include:

1. Freezing Fire
2. Plaza Real
3. Fast City
4. Portrait of Tracy
5. Elegant People
6. Cucumber Slumber
7. Teen Town
8. Man in the Green Shirt

Disc Two:

1. Black Market
2. Where the Moon Goes
3. River People
4. Two Lines
5. Cigano
6. In A Silent Way/Waterfall
7. Night Passage
8. Port of Entry
9. Rumba Mama
10. Directions

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