Zawinul Online Gets a Facelift

Welcome to the new Zawinul Online. I finally got around to giving the site its own domain, and in the process I spruced up the look a bit and added some new features.

When I started Zawinul Online back in 1999, my idea was to create a catalog of all the Zawinul material I could find on the Internet. But that was in the days before Google image searches and YouTube video. Keeping those links up-to-date proved to be a never-ending process that I couldn’t keep up with, so I’ve pared back the new Zawinul Online to home-grown content. Of course, I’ll also continue to provide news and tour information as I receive it.

We also have some new features. First, you can search the entire site. All of the news items from the old site have been migrated over, as well as specific articles and photo galleries that I created. Second, you can get an RSS feed. By subscribing to it, you can have the news delivered to you. And third, you can comment on news items. Feel free to give it a try when the urge strikes. Your comments won’t show up instantly, as I am moderating them to start. Also, if you do comment, don’t claim to be a public figure without providing me with a contact so that I can verify your identity. I don’t want people masquarading anonomously as someone else.

Finally, if you link to Zawinul Online, please change your links to If you notice any probems with the new site, you can email me at the address provided on the About page.


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