2 thoughts on “Joe Zawinul Memorial Service

  1. michael kranzler

    Fantastic tear jerking emotional ride this radio show was!!! What an informative treasure you 3 did and a fitting tribute. Sure wish the whole program would be available to keep, share and re-listen to, especially as I only tuned in (via internet radio) to that last 45 minutes of it! Reminds me to go out and re purchase some of the older discs of the most exciting music of this era! Amazing that he was still putting out exquisite recordings at his age! No doubt and hopefully, perhaps via his son, there will be some more post humorously un-released material live or otherwise to feed all our reverent appetites for this, as Trilok called it, Crazy Saint!

    Being an admirer, aquaintance and supporter of Dori, I was also present at a Yoshi concert of J.Z. a few years ago, although he didn’t come to this side of the planet that I know of. Once Bobby Thomas Jr. came through Sri Lanka while I lived there (playing with Herbie Mann’s group) and he told me how tough it was being in and working with Weather Report, especially how Joe would have them all rehearsing and vigorously playing 8 hours a day, being very strict about being clear and substance free. Only he was allowed his shot of Cogniac before going on stage…

    Looking forward to hearing back from and staying in touch!

    His music will easily thrill and thankfully outlast us all, May He Reach Nirvana (as they say here) and rest in peace…


  2. chrisweide

    What an incredible loss to the music community. My earliest music performances included “birdland.” A great loss.

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