One Year Later

It’s been a year since I woke up to the news that Joe Zawinul passed away. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the Memorial page. A while back I received an email from Sabine Kabongo, who said, “Thank you for the tribute page you made. It was a helping process to read all those messages of cares and shares.” You all made a difference.

I recently wrote a story about my face-to-face visits with Joe. I wanted to put it into words before the memories faded too much. You can read it here.

Boy, do I miss those concerts!

One thought on “One Year Later

  1. wolde

    Hi there,

    Thank you Curt for keeping this page alive, as I think it is important to keep the memory of Joe Z alive. And, as you say, I miss those concerts. As You tube (and of course my cd;s provides me with some surrogate, I was pleased to hear that one of my favourites, the Lugano concert will be made avaliable in record form.
    To the Zawinul family I would like to pass on my condoleances and just say that a man lives as long as he is remembered – and Joe Zawinul is remembered all over the world! May his memory live as a truly free spirit.

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