2010 Tour Dates

Please note that this is an unofficial itinerary. While I make the best effort possible to ensure the accuracy of this information, always confirm with the venue in advance to determine if the concert is scheduled.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate was formed by several members of the Zawinul Syndicate to carry on Joe’s legacy. It features four members of the final edition of the Zawinul Syndicate: Drummer Paco Sery, percussionist/vocalist Aziz Sahmaoui, percussionist Jorge Bezerra, and guitarist Alegre Corrêa. Additional members are Aloune Wade on bass, Emile Parisien on sax, and Thierry Eliez on keyboards.

Mar 16 Moods Zurich, Switzerland
Mar 17 Blue Note Milan, Italy
Mar 18 Porgy & Bess Vienna, Austria
Mar 20 Jazzhouse Copenhagen, Denmark
May 19-22 Festival Abidjan Ivory Coast
May 29 Budapest, Hungary
Jul 24 Parc Floral Paris, France
Oct. 14 Urania Cinema Pecs
Oct. 28 Urania Budapest
Oct. 29 Eventhall Tiflis
Oct. 30 Porgy & Bess Vienna
Oct. 31 Orpheum Graz
Nov. 21 Jazz Café London
Nov. 22 Kammerlichtspiele Club Klagenfurt
Nov. 23 Treibhaus Innsbruck
Nov. 24 Wels
Nov. 26 Palac Akropolis Prague

Past Tour Dates

For an archive of tour dates, visit the Past Tour Dates page.

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